Boost your english

Boost your english - Monde Parfait

You are thinking about entrepreneuring abroad or a way to perfect your business english? Monde Parfait is here to accompany you.

English is a fundamental element at the international level. It is also a factor of competitiveness. Indeed, the more the company takes on an international dimension, the greater will be the need for English, because there will be more and more subsidiaries abroad, and therefore employees or suppliers who do not necessarily speak French. Twenty years ago, we had far fewer requirements in English.

Nowadays, not only do most executives need English but also do salesmen, buyers, technicians, researchers and developers. The need for using English spreads down through the hierarchy of the company. Sometimes workers will need to understand this language, when they work on screens and computers.

We have the right solution for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Your needs

Your needs - Monde Parfait

The resources, space and time to choose a path relevant to your needs.

● A positive learning experience under the guidance of a caring tutor.
● Our programs are very flexible regarding the number of hours and days you can devote. You maintain control over the content, the location and the timing of your studies.

Study Options

Study Options - Monde Parfait

Our study units can be combined and matched to suit your learning needs and interests.

You can choose these in advance if you already know your learning priorities or alternatively wait until you have completed a lesson before considering the next.

About us

About us - Monde Parfait

We are a partnership of native French and English speakers with a wide range of experience in both education and business.

Our tutors are qualified in their respective areas of expertise gained from either work in France or from professional state qualified school teaching experience in the uk. 



We are currently developing a program to help our participants, after training, find a temporary working placement in an English Speaking Country. The purpose is to enable all our students to gain a better acquisition of the language.


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